The SBB-Historic Ae 3/6 10439

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The prototype

The well maintained Ae 3/6 II 10439 is the last one of her species. With the label "SBB-Historic" the oldtimer locomotives of the Swiss Federal Railways were maintained, and kept useable. SBB-historic is also responsable for the marketing. Mainly the old electrolocomotives are often used for special trains and historic events. Without the great work of the depot stuff and many railway friends, we won' t have the chance to see these industrial jewels today. Also not the good conditioned 10439.

The model

The finer special model in 1:220 scale is based on an Märklin®-model 8851. New etched brass plates with the number 10439, additional handrails, reconstructed pantographs and isolators, repainted lamps and parts of the body make the model closer to the prototype. The typical railcleaners at the fronts of the loco give the original look. Most additional parts are of steel and the model couplers are still usabIe. As an option, an etched original coupler and brake wires complete one front and give a look closer to the prototype. We have also some technical optimizings. Additional weight and high quality lubrification are responsible for a better running performance. The LED-lights from Z-Hightech with the bidirectional 3/1change are a new quality in light, they have bright and equal shining already at low voltage.(Option)

Close up's of the details.

Model description
ZZ 04005 / Ae 3/6 10439 in 1:220 scale
- Paint scheme Era II - V
- Based upon a good conditioned and revised Märklin® model 8851
- Reconstructed pantographs with etched parts, new isolators of cast brass
- Etched loconumbers and plates
- Rail cleaners of etched steel
- Additional metal handrails
- Lamps, body, roofwiring, parts of the body and isolators with new paint in typical colors
- Additional weight and wheel wipers for better power pickup and traction

ZZ 04005
EUR 165.-

Reconstruction of your loco:
Your loco will be cleaned, revised and reconstructed as described. Necessary spare parts will be ordered and mounted in arrangement with you.
The price of the spare parts is not included.

EUR 65.-


Superdetailling of one locofront with hook and break wires,
model coupler will be unmounted.
EUR 10.-

LED-lights from Z-Hightech for bright and equal light already at low voltage.
EUR 29.-