Das Setra Postauto

Deutsche Version
The prototype

Switzerland ist a railway country. But there are still some regions without tracks. The swiss postal busses, called
"Postauto" insures the public traffic to little villages and mountain regions. Nearby every point with road connection
has a bus stop for the typical yellow cars.

The model

Z-scale model ist based on the well-known Setra bus from Noch. Thanks to the german "Z-Stammtisch Untereschbach"
we have new runs of this model im many colors and paint schemes.
The ZettZeit Specials model has the 1980 to the 90ties paint scheme. For more detailing it has additional etched
mirrors and rims.

The Postauto parade

The Metamorphosis

Model description:
ZZ01011 - Setra swiss postal bus in 1:220 scale
- Bus in 1980 and 90ties paint scheme
- Model from Noch/Stammtisch Untereschbach with interior details
- Extensive painting and typical decoration
- Typical Setra logo on the front
- Painted lights
- Separatly applied mirrors and rims - License plates

Price: EUR 34.-