digital AZL-E8A

Big loco and still nearly no place: AZL's E8 gives a hard job to built in the decoder! With the fuel tank I found a place. Even, the effort is enormous in opposite of the "digital-ready" SD-40/45. I can't remember such strong metal works for digitalizing. After adding the fuel tank part it looks like a "normal" E8, nothing is visible, pouuuuuh, I'm lucky...

digital mikado

The classical arrangement: Tender with decoder. All heavy steamlokomotives with tender can be digitalized without great efforts. The Zimo MX 62 works excellent with the Märklin 5-pole, only the Vmax had to be reduced.

Typical wiring: The motor was cut off from the wheel contacts. Four cuts and four soldering points are all the magic, one wire leads to the frontlight.

short-coupeled MTL-F7 units

A short-coupeled UP F7-A-B-A composition: With the short coupling a closed look is obtained. The couplers are truck-mounted, that's why the space between the units is normally about 5 mm. With short couplers it is only 1.5 mm.

The couplers were dismantled. The little screw must be unscrewed for that. The coupler parts should be kept carefully. The fulcrum is the thread of the little screw. For the short coupling it is just right. A 0.8 mm brass wire has to be bended into an U for this. The right spacing is dependent on the minimum radius of your layout. When the trucks touches themselves, the loco will still run through the 195 mm radius!

The trucks into the 195mm radius: The coupling works without problems, S-curves will be passed reliable. If you have thigter curves, you should bend the U-wire with 1 mm more width. The A-units were electrical-conected, a DCC-decoder will be installed soon.

The mounted shells prevents the fallout of the coupling which was only put in from the top. The coupling is removable without any damage. Here the view from outside the curve.

The side-view shows the remaining space.

The A-B-A-composition looks elegant in the 195 mm curve.


Flextrack from →MTL will be used.
Here you can see a comparison to the →Maerklin-track.(left)
Because higher axle-weights the ties were layed closer together in the USA.
Svein-Martin Holt has measured the different tracks on his amazing →Platelayer-site.